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Nativity of Jesus the Messiah in The Quran

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4:163. Behold, WE (Hypostases) inspire thee (O Minister),
as WE inspired Noah & the Prophets after him.
As WE inspired Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, the Patriarchs,
JESUS, Job, Jonah, Aaron, and Solomon.
And as David unto whom WE gave the Psalms.

The Prophetic lineage of Jesus
3:33. "Verily, the divine has favoured Adam, Noah,
the Abrahamites and the Amranites above all creation.
3:34. They belong in the same progeny.
And the divine is all-knowing, all-hearing.

'Pledging Mary, the Handmaid Of The Lord'
3:35. When (Anna of Aaron) wife of (Ioacim of) Amran said,
"My Lord, I have vowed what is in my womb to
be consecrated to Thee. Accept it from me.
Thou art the all-knowing, all hearing."
3:36. Then when she delivered Mary,
she said, "My Lord, I have given birth to a girl"-
though the divine knew full well what she bore,
male being not as female.
"I have named her Mary, & I seek Thy refuge
for her & her descendants from the rejected Satan." (Rev 12:4)
3:37. Her Lord accepted Mary a goodly acceptance,
and vouchsafed her a goodly upbringing,
under the guardianship of Zachariah (Luke 1:5).
Whenever Zachariah went into the sanctuary to her
he found provisions with her.
He would ask, "Mary, where did you get this from?"
She would say, "It is from the divine (Protoevangelium of James 8:1).
Verily, the divine provides for whomever it chooses, without stint."
3:38. That is when Zachariah implored his Lord:
"My Lord, grant me such a good child;
You are the Hearer of the prayers."
3:44. This is news from the past that WE reveal to thee.
Thou wast not present when they (Priests, & Widowers) cast lots
(Luke 1:9, Protoevangelium 9:1 & 10:1)
to select Mary's guardian (the Widower Joseph).
Nor wast thou present when Joseph & the Priests disputed (Protoevangelium 9:2) .

'Zacharaiah asks for John' 19:2 .
A mention about thy Lord's mercy unto His servant Zachariah.
19:3. When he called his Lord, a secret call.
19:4. Saying, "My Lord, my bones have grown brittle,
And my hair shines with gray.
As I implore Thee, my Lord, I never despair.
19:5. I worry about my dependents after me,
But my wife has been barren.
Grant me, from Thyself, an heir.
19:6. Let him be my heir
And the heir of Jacob's clan (i.e. a prophet),
And make him, my Lord, acceptable."

21:89. As Zachariah implored his Lord:
"My Lord, do not keep me without an heir,
though Thou art the best inheritor."
21:90. So WE (Hypostases) responded to him and granted him JOHN;
WE cured his wife for him.
That is because they used to hasten to work righteousness,
And implored US in situations of joy, as well as fear.
To US, they were reverent.

Annunciation of John The Baptist
3:39. The angels called Zachariah when he was praying in the sanctuary:
"The divine gives you good news of John;
The Guarantor of (Jesus) THE WORD of the divine,
honorable, moral, and a righteous prophet."

19:7. "O Zachariah, WE have brought you,
Good news; a boy whose name shall be John
a name which was given to none before him (Luke 1:61)."
19:8. Zachariah said, "My Lord, will I have a son
despite my wife's sterility,
and despite my old age?"

3:40. He said, "How can I have a boy,
when I am so old, and my wife is sterile (Luke 1:18)?"
It was made known, "The divine does whatever it wills."

19:9. It was made known, "Thus says your Lord:
`It is easy for ME to do. I created you before that,
though you were nothing.'"
19:10. Zachariah said, "My Lord, give me a sign."
It was made known, "Your sign is without defect
you will not speak to the people
nights of trimesters. (Luke 1:20)"

3:41. Moreover Zachariah said, "My Lord, give me a sign."
It was made known, "Your sign is that
you will not speak to the people
days of trimesters, except through signals
Commemorate your Lord frequently;
and meditate afternoon & morning."

19:11. Zachariah came out to his family,
from the sanctuary and signaled to them (Luke 1:22)
"Meditate morning & afternoon."
19:12. "O John, you shall uphold the scripture strongly."
WE (Hypostases) endowed him with wisdom, even in his youth (Luke 1:15)
. 19:13. And affection from US and purity,
and he was righteous.
19:14. He honored his parents,
and was never a disobedient tyrant.
19:15. Peace be upon him
the day he was born, the day he died,
and the day he will be raised from the dead.

The Annunciation of Jesus
19:16. And mention in the scripture of Mary.
Who had been isolated from her family,
into an eastern location.
19:17. While a barrier separated her from them,
WE (Hypostases) sent to her our Spirit.
Who appeared to her in perfect human form.

3:42. The angels said, "O Mary,
The divine has chosen you and purified you.
He has chosen you from all the women.
3:43. O Mary, you shall surrender to your Lord,
And worship and pray with those who pray."

19:18. Mary said, "I seek refuge in the Most Gracious,
that you do fear the divine."
19:19. It was made known, "I am the messenger of your Lord,
to you is granted a pure son."
19:20. She said, "How can I have a son,
when no man has touched me;
I have never been unchaste."
19:21. It was made known, "Thus said your Lord,
`It is easy for ME.'"
And that WE appoint him a revelation for the people and mercy from us.
This is a matter preordained.

3:45. "'The angels said,
"O Mary, the divine gives you good news of
LOGOS from Himself (Protoevangelium 40:2)
whose will be called The Messiah, Jesus, Son of Mary.
He will be foremost in this life and in the Hereafter,
and one of those brought near.
3:46. He will speak to the people from the crib and from adulthood;
and he is of the righteous.'"
3:47. She said, "My Lord, how can I have a son,
when no man has touched me?"
It was made known, "The divine thus creates whatever it wills.
To have anything done,
He simply says it to be and it will be.
3:48. He will teach him the Chronicles, Wisdom, Torah and Prophetic Revelations."

The Nativity
21:91. As for the one who maintained her virginity,
WE blew into her of OUR Spirit,
and thus made her and her son a portent for all nations. (Rev 12:1)
19:22. When she bore him, she isolated herself to a faraway place (Bethlehem). (Rev 12:6)
19:23. She went in labour came by the trunk of a palm tree.
She said, "Would that I had died before this,
and been completely forgotten."(Rev 12:2)

19:24. Then cries from beneath unto her assured her not to grieve
"Your Lord has provided you neath a stream. (Rev 12:16)
19:25. And If shaken the boughs of this palm tree,
will drop ripe dates for you.*
*In the Middle East dates ripen to the point of falling off the tree in September .
19:26. Eat and drink, and be happy. When you see anyone, say,
`I have made a vow of silence;
I shall not speak to anyone this day.'"

19:27. Mary came to her family, carrying the infant Jesus. They said,
"O Mary, you have brought something totally unexpected.
19:28. "O Sister of Priesthood (Luke 1:5), your father was not a bad man,
nor was your mother unchaste."

19:29. She pointed to Jesus, though they said,
"How can we talk with an infant in the crib?"
19:30. It was made known, "I am a servant of the divine.
He has given me the scripture,
and has appointed me a prophet.
19:31. He made me blessed wherever I go,
and enjoined on me Prayers & Charity
for as long as I live.
19:32. I am to honor my mother;
He did not make me a disobedient rebel.
19:33. And peace be upon me the day I was born,
the day I die and the day of my resurrection from the tomb."

4:156. And (hardship is theirs) for disbelieving
and uttering about Mary a gross lie.

66:12. Mary, the Amranite,
-who maintained her chastity and WE (Hypostases) blew into her from OUR Spirit-
She believed in the words of her Lord and His scriptures;
She was obedient.

23:50. WE (Hypostases) made Mary's Son and his Mother a sign,
and WE gave them refuge on a high ground, a place of rest
with food & drink.

4:159. There is not one of the people of the scripture but is to believe in him before their death. And on the Day of Resurrection, he will be a witness against them.

Born from Above
Spiritual Islam embraces all the worlds messengers and scriptures. It regards religious conflicts to have arisen only as a result of the corrupt influence from the politics of men and their interference. The original position of Islamic scholasticism was to reject any narrative traditions which contradict the Bible and Islamic Quran (the earliest collection of Ahadith Qudsi) as its exegesis. However, the Zahiri influence of Ibn Hazm eventually introduced the doctrine of Tahrif to undermine the traditional Islamic articles of faith (particularly the one concerning belief in the Bible). Nevertheless, it is still possible to find concordance between Christian and Islamic traditions.

We do find that Jesus's physical nativity in the Islamic Quran is very reminiscent of the Protoevangelium of James. We read that when Jesus was delivered by Mary dates were ripe enough to fall from the boughs of Palm-trees in the holy land which, by today's climate, would place the event in September. This agrees with the hypothesis of Dr. Ernest L. Martin. Thus in the Islamic tradition December would have been the month Jesus was monogenetically conceived by the Virgin Mary in agreement with the Angel Gabriel Christmas Carol, rather than being the month of his birth.

Further reconciling the traditions, the importance of the concept of being "born from above" at the feast of the Epiphany emerges, when Jesus was supported with the divine's Spirit mentioned in passages of the Islamic Quran such as 2:87. The Islamic Quran (3:39) and the Bible (Luke 1:17) both tell us that John was sent as the one who would be Guarantor to the Word of God -which was Jesus (Islamic Quran 3:45 & John 1:14). It was at this point, having been identified by John as the anointed one of God bringing the message of salvation, that Jesus's messianic mission commenced. In the Islamic Quran, Jesus's proof to the children of Israel of being the one they awaited was that the form of a bird in clay was breathed into and it became a bird by God's leave (Q3:49). This was a miracle performed by Jesus as a child according to the Infancy Gospel of Thomas. In the Bible, John is able to confirm the Messiah by a prophesy concerning Spirit in the form of a bird as a sign when Jesus came in from the desert to be baptised before returning to complete his 40 day fast and face Satan's temptations.

Most informed Muslims tend to acknowledge mid-winter as a time to remember the advent of the messianic message replacing in their hearts remembrance of his nativity with his monogenetic conception and with the birth from above of the Messiah. Otherwise there is no officially accepted season for this messianic advent in Islam though every year of Muhammad's life it coincided with the Muslim month Ramadan which is hallowed as the month of the advent of the Muslim's own "Living-Word", the Islamic Quran. It would be nice to think therefore that based upon these facts, there might be greater solidarity between Disciples of Christ and Disciples of the Islamic Quran in remembering the real reason for the coming of Messengers into the world -to bring God's word to life in community with each other.

2:62. Surely, those who believe,
those who follow Judaism, the Monophysites, and the Converts;
anyone who believes in the divine,
and believes in the Last Day,
and leads a righteous life,
will receive their reward from their Lord.
They have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.

"Have a Holy Ramadan/Advent and a Joyful Christmas/Laylat Mubarakat and a Happy Eid/New Year"