The Chrismas Archives

Christmas In Gwent

A Monmouthshire Christmas
Maria Hubert
Published by Sutton Publishing 1995

This poem was donated to the Christmas Archives
when Monmouthshire became Gwent in 1975.

From my window, a frosty wonderland,
All dressed up for its Christmas stand.
This mysterious corner Ancient Archenfeld straddled border to border.
Doward and Dixton,
where shires met,
Wales and Gloucester,
Hereford and Gwent.

Vortigern fought here, Claudia prayed,
Generations of Farmers
and Miners have stayed.
Did Dubricius crown Arthur
At Usk Christmas Day?
And was Thackeray inspired
Along the Wye Way?

Hoar frost's mantle
covers landscape with rime,
It's a Wye Valley Christmas
caught in time.
A place which attracts
An escape from the city,
Mist low on the river
And Christmas card pretty.

In ancient stone dwellings
are ovens galore
To tell of a time
in days of past lore
When each villager staggered
With cakes, pies and meat
To the bakery ovens
To cook Christmas treats.

First stop outside Wales,
first place for a beer,
Brought charabancs queuing -
Christmas Day's here!
The big houses visited,
Carols were sung
At granges and manors
'Til Christmas bells rung.

On hillside and valley,
by river and dell
Old folk will remember,
as tales weave their spell.
Before memories fade
And old customs are spent.
On a hoar frosty morn
Think of Christmas in Gwent.

Copyright Maria Hubert von Staufer 1995